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Patient Info

Preparing for Your First Visit

We start seeing children at twelve months of age, which is the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s age recommendation for your child’s first dental visit. Children below the age of three will receive an examination and consultation with the dentist.

After making your child’s appointment on the phone, you will receive a packet of forms to fill out by mail, or you can print them off from our website (available at the bottom of this page). Please complete the health history and new patient profile forms in advance, and bring them with you. This will save time, help us to better understand your child’s needs, and make your visit go more smoothly. Be sure we have your complete dental insurance information so that we can verify your coverage before your visit. That way, you can pay only your co-payment at the visit instead of the entire fee.

Here are four tips to help prepare your child for their first visit:

  • Emphasize that good dental care is incredibly important. Tell your child that visiting the dentist will help keep their smile bright and cavity-free, and that it’s part of an overall strategy for a long and healthy life.
  • Be positive. Expect your child to have a pleasant experience. Let them know that we will explain everything we’re doing and answer all questions in advance, so they don’t have to worry. If you wish, you’re welcome to accompany your child into the treatment area of our office.
  • Be careful about your choice of words. It is best if you refrain from using words around your child that might cause unnecessary fear. For example: “needle”, “pull”, “drill” and “hurt” are all words that have negative connotations. Our office makes a practice of using words that softly convey the same message, but are pleasant and will not frighten a child. If you need help explaining anything to your child prior to the appointment, please ask our team for suggestions on the most neutral language to use.

Appointment Day

When you arrive at the office, check in with our receptionist at the front desk, and drop off your forms. Make yourselves at home in our fun reception room. In a little while, our New Patient Coordinator will meet with you and give you an introductory tour of the office. You’ll see; your first visit will be a blast!