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About Us

Why Choose Us for Your Children’s Dentists?

As soon as you walk into our office, you will see what makes us uniquely suited to see young patients. Everything has been designed to be child-friendly, and it’s not at all like you might visualize a general dentist’s office. Here’s what makes us different:

Our Doctors are Specially Trained

As a group of dentists with diverse training and experience, we can offer your child the best, most complete dental services available. Our doctors have specialized training and experience in pediatrics, cosmetics, and orthodontics. For example, after completing dental school, pediatric dentists receive an additional two years of expert training to care for children’s dental needs – learning everything about the development of the human mouth from infancy to adolescence.

Special emphasis is placed on behavioral development and treating children with unusual anxieties.  Our dentists also have extensive experience treating patients of all ages with special needs.  Orthodontists complete an additional 3 year residency after dental school, focusing on all aspects of aligning teeth, and solving problems involving excessive overbites, missing teeth, and crowding.

Our Office is Kid-Friendly

Our office is specifically designed to stimulate and entertain children to make them feel comfortable and relaxed. Our reception area has a separate area just for children, with lots of wall-mounted games. We have a huge collection of children’s movies playing on our big flat screen TV and we have lots of toys, puzzles and books!  Your child immediately senses that our office was created for their comfort. Even the special orange “space” chairs at the checkers table were brought in because they’re fun, and will keep your child entertained and calm while they are waiting to see the dentist. The other half of the reception room is more adult-themed, with art and magazines aimed at our teenagers.

In the back of the office, bright colors abound, and there’s even artwork on the ceiling! You will notice we’ve used an open bay concept, where children can see each other – they won’t be closed up in a tiny room. The dental chairs are really more like beds, without scary dental equipment hanging over them.

Our Staff Loves Children

We have filled our office with a group of friendly and dedicated team members. Each of them was handpicked because they know how to talk to, think like and bond with children. Once you witness our smiling, playful staff interacting with your child you will know what we mean. Our mission is being able to talk to and connect with your child. If they are nervous, we will reassure them; if they are excited, we will help them become calm. We strive to say something positive about each child at each visit, to make them feel good about themselves and about their experience with us. We will also take the time you need to answer your questions and concerns as a parent, and to make sure you are well informed.

Our Office is Clean and Safe

We work hard to maintain a clean and safe environment for everyone who visits us. We follow standards recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in order to ensure that your visit to our office is as germ-free as possible.